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Notice for International Students on Campus
2020-02-05 17:52  

Dear international students,

  Recently,the respiratory illness caused by the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) hasbeen breaking out in some places of China. Your safety and healthare the highest priority of HUHST. For students living on campus,please pay close attention to your physical condition, arrange your self-studyand life properly and do the following points:

   1.Please take effective self-protective measures, do not gather on oroff campus, do not visit other students in the dormitory, do not contactpeople from the areas where the respiratory illness is prevailing, and do notcontact people with fever, cough and other symptoms.

2.Rightnow the University implements a strict exit-entry system, only 2 representativestudents could go outside to buy goods for one time per week. Please do notleave the University if not necessary! If you have to leave school for specificreasons, it is necessary to apply for permission from the teachers and returnto school in 2 hours, otherwise you will not be allowed to enter theUniversity. Please wear masks and walk rather than take public transportation(such as bus, taxi, and etc.).

   3.If youwant to return to your home country, please apply before returning. It is notallowed to leave unless you are admitted. In the meantime, the University willprovide necessary assistance. You are not allowed to return to theUniversity before Feb. 24Thespecific time is subject to the official notice of the university.

  4.Please abide by the above rules strictly. Those who violate the rules will bepunished seriously according to the Chinese law and regulations of HUHST!

Thankyou for your understanding and cooperation.


InternationalCooperation and Exchange centerHUHST

February5th, 2020


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