School of Agriculture and Biotechnology
School of Agriculture and Biotechnology

School of Agriculture and Biotechnology now has a staff of 68 people, including 6 professors, 15 associate professors, 21 people with doctorates, and 11 staff members with a master’s degree. This year and onwards, the school is allowed to recruit master degree of agricultural extension (plant protection and crop fields) graduate students.

Over the past two years 23 people participated in scientific research and the research project, including the national and provincial project ten. In the Chinese Core Journal, there were more than 37articles published. The national invention patent 3 items have a batch of imported large precision instrument, such as, biotechnology professional PCR instrument, gel imaging system, high-speed refrigerated centrifuge, scanning spectrophotometer etc.: food science and engineering professional meteorological chromatography, liquid chromatography, atomic tough spectrometer, fermentation tank, etc. : agriculture professional super low temperature refrigerator, photosynthetic measurement system, e.g. pure plant tissue and cell, green house, etc.

Undergraduate programs:

BiotechnologyFood science and engineeringAgriculture , Plant protection

Main required courses for undergraduate programs:

Biotechnology: inorganic and analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, mathematics, plant biology, microbiology, animal biology, cell biology, genetics, biochemistry, biological statistics, molecular biology, gene engineering, etc.

Food science and engineering: organic chemistry, biochemistry, food chemistry, microbiology, food analysis technology, food nutrition, food engineering principle, food technology, food machinery and equipment, etc.

Agriculture: biological chemistry, organic chemistry, agricultural microorganisms, botany, plant genetics, soil fertilizer science, agriculture meteorology, agricultural economy management, agricultural extension learning, etc.

Plant protection: Inorganic and analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, higher mathematics, botany, biological statistics and field experiment, agricultural extension, soil fertilizer, the general plant pathology, entomology, agricultural plant pathology, entomology, prediction of diseases and pests, pesticide science, modern instrumental analysis, pesticides, plant protection instrument and unmanned aerial vehicles , harmful biological control , plant biotechnology, heavy metal pollution and control, production safety for agricultural products, pesticide residue analysis and control, biological security.

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