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In order to meet with the requirements and thedivision of labor in the library, a second-level institution has been set up:

1, Comprehensive Department

Responsible for handling the daily affairs of thewhole library,including fixed assets management; to receive visitors, and otherexternal links; instrument and file sorting; responsible for the organizing andarranging the library meeting; assist the curator on the budget and financialmanagement; compesition for the lost books and contaminative books, retroactivelibrary card to borrow books collection of overdue fines and other services.

2, The Department of Information Network

Implementation and maintenance of the librarycomputer network system; the daily management of the electronic reading room;the implementation of the integrated system of automated management andmaintenance; bibliographic database system installation, operation andmaintenance; the introduction to the characteristics of database systems,development and maintenance; software development and hardware maintenance;assist the competent leadership to complete the coordination and distributionof equipment; the coordination of work with the campus network and otherdepartments.

3, Literature Resources Deparment of Construction

Discipline research of development and needs ofreaders; collecting, ordering and acceptance of foreign language books andforeign periodicals and newspaper interview; classification, cataloging,processing, collection in foreign language books and electronic publications,and building a bibliographic database; book donation; books procurement forlibrary andother reference rooms.

4, Document Lending Department

The flow andreading of Chinese and foreign languagebooks; registeration, return publications, installation, cataloging,circulation and reading of Chinese and foreign periodicals; Interior tidinessof stack rooms and reading rooms and other work.

5, Reader Service Department

Literature information retrieval and referenceservices; readers’ advisory work; the books recommended work; the education offreshmen admission, organization or commitment to the teaching of the courseliterature search and use; distribution of CD, tape preservation, use andreproduction; to hold a readers forum on a regular basis, organizational readersurvey, statistical and analytical work.

6, The Library Division

Establish a library division including achairperson and two members

under the unified leadership of the school unions.

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