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Office of Student Affairs

The office is under the guidance of the universitycouncil and manages students comprehensively in accordance with laws, decreesand regulations of the university. It is responsible for the following things:

(1) making plans for students’ideological andpolitical education, making policies for student management and carrying themout.

(2) regular student management, assessment andmanagement of student advisors

(3) screening and rewarding excellent students

(4) assessing and issuing student grants,scholarships and temporary allowance

(5) investigating and dealing with cases in whichstudents violate rules

(6) offering consultation to students who havepsychological problems and assisting students who have financial troubles.

(7) administration of student dormitories

Currently the office has a staff of 12. The averageage of the staff members is 37. It has five divisions, i.e. Division of StudentIdeological and Political Education, Division of Student Dormitory Management, Divisionof Psychological Consultation, Division of Student Financial Assistance andDivision of General Administration.



Office of Student Affairs

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