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President Liu Heyun Inspects and Guides HUHST Anti-Epidemic Work
2020-02-06 17:43  

In the morning of February 5, Liu Heyun, deputy secretary of the party committee and president, went to student dormitories and university owned clinic to inspect and guide the work on preventing and controlling theepidemic together with the heads of several department in terms of the Office of Party & Administration Council, the Discipline Inspection &Supervision Department, the United Front Propaganda Department, the Logistics & Infrastructure Department, the Student Affairs Department, the SecurityDepartment and other departments.

Now, there are 8 international studentsliving in the NO.6 dormitory and we have arranged staff to send meals for them.Liu Heyun said: "In the special period of anti-pandemic, we ought toovercome difficulties and provide meticulous and thoughtful service for ourinternational students."

Liu Heyun has a detailed understanding ofthe management and control of people and vehicles on campus, emphasizing thatthe admission system must be strictly enforced, and external people andvehicles are strictly prohibited from entering the campus.

In the University Hospital, Liu Heyunasked the on-duty medical workers about the emergency plan in detail, andinspected the under-construction isolation ward on the second floor of thehospital.

During the on-the-spot inspection, LiuHeyun pointed out that we ought to act according the development of pandemicand shoulder the responsibility of preventing and controlling the epidemic. Everyonemust put the lives and health of teachers and students in the first place andact in accordance with the university party committee ’s anti-epidemic workdeployment.


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